Texas has quite a few stories about civilians and military officials encountering Unidentified Flying Objects that originate from Outer Space. Some of these encounters take place either on the country side, a military base, a city, the beach or even at the witnesse's house. These are some of the cases that have happend in the Lone Star State.


Aurora, Texas 1897 UFO Incident

Link: http://roswellbooks.com/museum/?page_id=89


Laredo, Texas 1948 UFO Incident


Lubbock, Texas 1951 UFO Incident


Levelland, Texas 1957 UFO Incident

Link: http://roswellbooks.com/museum/?page_id=237


Stephenville, Texas 2008 UFO Sighting

Link: http://roswellbooks.com/museum/?page_id=174


San Antonio, Texas

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